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Answers to general questions regarding rivets/fasteners and specifically to LEM Tools.

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General Rivet Nut Questions

What is a rivet nut used for? What is a fastener?

A rivet nut allows for the installation of a threaded receptacle into a piece of material where only one side is accessible. Starting with a pre-drilled hole, a rivet nut is inserted and with a special tool, the nut is compressed and crimped around the hole, allowing for a strong permanent bond. Once installed, a standard screw can be inserted into the rivet nut to allow for the fastening of additional material.

What is the difference between a rivet nut and a blind rivet nut?

They are one in the same. The “Blind” name comes from the fact that they are installed in applications where only one side of the material is accessible; therefore, the rivet nut is “blind” to the other side of the material.

What is a slotted rivet nut?

A slotted rivet nut (or Plus Type Nut) is a longer fastener with slits down the sides that allow the nut to more easily compress.

What materials are rivet nuts made out of?

The various materials include: Soft Aluminum Alloy, Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, and Monel.

What are some industries that generally use rivet nuts?

The industries are essentially limitless, but some of the most popular include: Aerospace & Aviation, Automotive, Industrial Type Equipment, and hobbyists.

LEM Specific Questions

I've seen a C6000 and you guys have an L6000, are these the same tools? They look like it.

Our tools use to be marketed with a "C" many, many years ago. We market all our tools with L's. Some competitors sell very similar looking tools. Make sure it is an L.

What is the difference between the L6000 and the L7000?

The difference between the L6000 and L7000 is that the L7000 is for Slotted (Plus Type) Rivet Nuts.

Who do I contact if I need maintenance/repair on my LEM tool?

Please contact the distributor you bought your tools from.

I’m an end user; can I buy directly from LEM Tools?

No we do not sell direct. Please check out our Find a Distributor page.

I want to change the thread size on one of my tools, how do I do that?

Only the L6000 and L7000 have interchangeable threads; this is done using our SCA Conversion Kits.

I remember the B.F Goodrich hand rivet nut tools, are these the same tools?

We were the exclusive manufacturer of the B.F. Goodrich C-Series Rivnut® hand tools; we manufacture our own improved line of hand tools. Our L-Series tools.

Do you sell replacement studs (Mandrels)for the L722’s ?

No, the L722 is only sold as a complete unit.

Do you sell replacement studs (Mandrels) for the L845’?

Yes, see part number J70.

Do you sell replacement studs (Mandrels) for the L6000 and L7000?

Yes, see part number L16.


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